The safety and security of students has always been a top priority of every school district. In today’s changing world, school administrators must find a way to provide enhanced security while maximizing limited budget dollars. Our Video Capture System has assisted schools across the US in achieving both of these goals.

Benefits of the VCS in schools

The VCS offers real-time views for emergencies, security and observation. Remote video access is also available to police and fire personnel during emergency situations. The VCS improves security in many areas such as:

  • Building Entrances
  • Office & Lobby Areas
  • Theft Vandalism Areas
  • Cafeterias
  • Hallways & Stairwells
  • Parking Lots
  • Bus Pick-up/Drop-off
  • Athletic & Other Facilities

One Solution

Why purchase many surveillance systems for your school district when only one VCS is needed? By combining state-of-the-art and in-house software expertise, VCS allows you to view live and archived images from any camera in your school. Incidents happen. It’s nearly unavoidable. Have some peace of mind knowing that every corner of your school is being recorded. This guarantee will help eliminate or reduce costs of potential lawsuits.

Solution Architecture