Product Overview

Acuity-vct’s Video Capture System (VCS) is a highly scalable network-based video surveillance system. Our surveillance and object protection software runs on industry standard servers which stores video coming from the cameras. The video travels over standard computer networks and the software is compatible with most major camera manufacturers and networking equipment. Our system runs on non-proprietary equipment and infrastructure making it easy to integrate and maintain.


  • All development and support in the USA
  • No user licensing fees
  • Replaces antiquated VCR and DVR systems
  • Runs on an industry standard server with no proprietary hardware
  • Contains no proprietary video compression algorithms
  • Video can be exported and is playable with common video players
  • Users can view and save camera recordings and images on their PCs and mobile devices



The system supports both analog and digital cameras and is compatible with most major camera manufacturers. This gives you the flexibility to use existing cameras or integrate new cameras seamlessly into one video network. The VCS allows for unique camera settings for each camera installed, such as image capture rates, resolution settings and compression settings.

Among the camera-types supported:

  • PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom)
  • Fixed
  • High-speed
  • High-resolution
  • Infrared

Video Network

The system supports most wired network architecture, including fiber optic and ethernet. Existing CCTV systems can continue to use existing wiring, including coaxial cables, as well as digital computer network cables for advanced flexibility. This allows clients to use what they have already installed, limiting new
infrastructure costs. To expand the system new digital cameras can be added running on standard computer network cables. Additionally, wireless architecture allows for remote installation of cameras without the high cost of cable installation.

The VCS can extend the life of your existing cabling by 10-20 years, saving thousands per camera in rewiring costs.

VCS Server (Data capture)

The VCS runs on a fast, tested, and dependable Linux or Windows operating system on a standard server with no proprietary hardware. As images are captured, they are transmitted over the video network and stored by the VCS server. This allows direct access to archived images and live viewing. Like all modern CCTV systems, images coming into the VCS server are recorded on hard drives, which can be scaled to your specific storage needs. Video and images in the system are stored for a user-defined number of days and can be manually adjusted.

Client Network

A VCS server is integrated into any network that supports the TCP/IP protocol. A 100+MB network provides optimum performance, but VCS can operate on slower networks as well. The speed of the client network has no effect on the capture rate or storage speed from the VCS video network. VCS client performance will depend on the speed of the client network.

VCS gives you the flexibility to work with Windows or Linux operating systems. This means it’s Mac friendly!

Remote Clients & Monitoring

VCS can be accessed via a local network or online by a Windows or Mac PC. The software can be installed on as many PCs as desired without additional costs. VCS allows each user to customize their viewing options and each unique viewing scheme can be formatted with other configured users. There is no limit to the number of cameras that can be simultaneously viewed. Flexible displays allow limitless viewing possibilities including rotating schemes, picture-in-picture, and flexible sizing. See all your cameras at once!

Open Architecture

The VCS does everything that any other CCTV system can do and much more. Our open architecture allows any company that installs CCTV systems or computer networks to be able to install the Video Capture System. Customers benefit from this flexibility, which allows any provider to perform maintenance and installation.

Cost Advantages

The greatest advantage of the VCS is its comparative cost. Most surveillance systems are proprietary to one vendor, locking you in forever. Costly annual licensing fees often accompany comparative systems. With the VCS you pay for the product and installation, and never pay for software or hardware licensing again.