We offer the Video Capture System as a troubleshooting tool for all types of manufacturing plants and businesses to help improve your productivity and quality. Our expertise in the industry has made us a reliable partner and pioneer. The VCS allows you to watch all of your processes simultaneously and can be used for nearly every manufacturing application.


The VCS offers our manufacturing clients a wide-range of unmatched features that will improve your process in a variety of ways.

– Monitor your process 24/7
– View all cameras simultaneously
– Easy-to-use user interface
– Filter archived images by ID, Time, Location, or Camera
– Store archived images of all product development
– Investigate problematic machinery and areas

Benefits of using VCS

– Increase Productivity
– Reduce Maintenance repair costs
– Eliminate automation problems
– Improve labor efficiency
– Minimize yield loss
– Improve product quality
– Overall cost saving


Coke Plants

– Operational Analysis
– Equipment Analysis


Hot Mills

– Cobble Analysis
– Off-Level Mill troubleshooting
– Pinch Rolls problems
– Coil Monitoring (sidewall)

Temper Mills

– Entry / Exit Sections
– Quality Monitoring

Melt Shops

– Crane Movement
– Smoke Stacks
– Ladle Handling

Cold Mills

– Unwinding / Threading Practices
– Cobble Troubleshooting
– Threading Analysis


Process Lines

– Looping Tower Tracking
– Shape Monitoring
– Strip Break Problems

Continuous Casters

– Cast floor
– Mold area
– Torch cut

Temper Mills

– Entry / Exit Sections
– Welding Operations
– Tracking Problems