About Acuity-vct

Acuity-vct strives to develop the best custom network video surveillance systems for our clients. We design customized, yet cost effective and highly flexible systems designed around each client’s needs. Each system is integrated in conjunction with existing networks all for a fraction of the cost of competitors.

We have surveillance clients in
nearly every industry,

but what makes us different is the unique value we deliver to clients in three
main industries:
– Museums and Cultural Centers
– Manufacturing
– Education

We’ve been featured on the “Winners Circle”, hosted by Terry Bradshaw,

highlighting our innovative surveillance applications throughout these three
industries. Our products were showcased helping protect America’s past
(museums), present (increased efficiency in manufacturing), and future (education and our schools).



Founders Randolph Stankie and Michael Elliot base their personal business philosophy on three
simple principles. These principles and their commitment to them has earned Acuity-vct the “Top
Service Organization in America” by Solutions Integrator Magazine. Our unblemished record of
delivering systems on time and has continued to be the benchmark through the industry.


Treat the customer
as a partner


Provided unparalleled
service and support


Always meet your
commitments. Always!

Company History

Acuity-vct’s parent company, Benchmark Automation, was founded in 1991 as a software development firm by Randolph Stankie and Michael Elliot. For over a quarter century, their business principles and commitment to cutting-edge products and world-class support has fueled their success. This success has enabled Benchmark Automation to attract and retain a staff with over 250 years of software development, process automation and engineering experience. This expertise and experience will serve to fuel the growth of Acuity-vct, inc.

The Acuity-vct Guarantee

The Acuity-vct Video Capture System is guaranteed to meet your needs. We do everything possible to design a customized, yet cost effective solution to satisfy every client, every time. As digital mediums blend and converge we are committed to expanding our capabilities of visual communication technology. We are committed to delivering world class service to our customers and business partners.