We offer surveillance solutions to a wide-range of industries.

Using industry-standard software and advanced hardware, our expanded range of capabilities provides endless applications to a variety of diverse industries including:

  • Museum & Cultural Properties
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • General Surveillance Solutions

Museums & Cultural Properties

Art Sentry is a camera-based motion detection and alarm system specifically designed
for museums and cultural properties to prevent unwanted touches and damages to
valuable artifacts and collection pieces.



The safety and security of students has always been a top priority of
every school district. In today’s changing world, school administrators
must find a way to provide enhanced security while maximizing limited
budget dollars. We have assisted schools in achieving both of these goals.



The manufacturing industry is a broad industry with varying surveillance
needs. Our systems have helped improve productivity and quality in
factories around the country. We give our clients the flexibility to monitor
every aspect of their facilities, all from the comfort and ease of their offices.


General Surveillance 

In addition to our specialty industries mentioned above, we’ve worked with
many other unique businesses and industries to customize workable solutions for
security, monitoring, and cataloging of surveillance footage. Let us help you develop
a custom solution that achieves your goals.