Frequently Asked Questions

The basis of Acuity Visual Communication Technology is our Video Capture System (VCS) which is a custom designed, scalable system that captures images from cameras and allows for live viewing and storage simultaneously.

Surveillance cameras are linked to a Video Capture Server via network or wireless connections. The images from each camera are transmitted to the VCS where they are archived. The images are transmitted from the VCS to password protected users via the internet for live viewing, or review of the archived images.

If required, Pan/Tilt/Zoom(PTZ) camera is installed. The Video Capture System user-interface provides approved viewers with a control screen that is manipulated through the mouse. No additional hardware (ie. A joystick) is required.

Images can be stored locally- in the same facility as the camera network, or remotely- at a location elsewhere in the computer network.

  1. If the video images you capture are for a unique, isolated use, and you do not need to transmit them over the internet.
  2. Local storage allows you to duplicate the images to other storage media.

Remote storage requires an internet connection. Once on the internet, you have the ability to access the information from anywhere in the world. You assign hierarchical control of the system to users/viewers who need to see the live or stored images.

Also called frame rate, it means the rate at which the camera sends out a new image. A higher refresh/frame rate, requires higher bandwidth and larger storage capacity for archived images.

Costs are influenced by installation factors, and system requirement factors. Some Installation cost factors are:

  • Wiring, Cabling, and or Conduit
  • Ease and Accessibility of the Installation
  • Job Mobilization

Early in the process, it is important for you to provide as much information as possible to us. We can then calculate the level of investment necessary to provide you with the finest, fully customizable Video Capture System currently available.

– Number of Cameras Needed
– Number of Frames per Second Viewed and Captured for Storage
– Number of Days of Storage Required

The higher the connection speed, the better. Our VCS System has been installed with standard phone lines but the image updates very slowly. A DSL, Cable, ISDN or T1 high-speed line is preferable.

Your Acuity-vct VCS sales rep will provide you with an itemized quotation detailing the installed cost.

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