Product Overview

All motion based detecting and alarming systems are not created equal. Acuity-vct has developed a
camera based motion detection and alarming tool(CBMAS) that electronically watches video from
all configured cameras and instantly sounds an alarm when pre-defined locations are breached.
This feature leverages the VCS’s superior design and analytics to provide a higher level of
protection than any competitive system. As technology evolved, we are committed to continued
development of our system capabilities to meet any security demands.

Behind the Product

CBMAS was developed initially for museum applications, including the
protection of valuable artifacts, while providing curators the flexibility to
easily change protected areas as exhibits change and grow. By working in
partnership with museum executives, Acuity-vct has evolved the motion
detected system and developed a cost-effective security solution that
provides superior surveillance while enhancing guest experiences. This has
helped deploy CBMAS within other organiztaions and industries where
security needs have become more advanced.


Perimeter Protection

Our patent pending technology provides a flexible way to define “protection
zones” within any given space and detects when these zones are breached.
When a person or object breaches a pre-defined space, an alarm is
automatically sounded and alerts are sent to pagers, cell phone or emails to
any staff or security on the premise. These protection zones can be any size
or shape, making our motion detection one of the most versatile products
on the market.


School Bus Lot

This system also has the ability to detect if a vehicle enters a predetermined area during a designated time. CBMAS records the video of the vehicle, and stores that on the VCS server.



The picture on the left shows what guests see when viewing an exhibit. The overlaid image shows (in blue highlighting) where the analytics motion protection zones are located. The red highlighting around the piece shows where the alarming zones are located.

Adaptive Learning Technology

At the foundation of CBMAS is our patent pending Adaptive Learning
Technology(ALT). ALT utilizes advanced algorithms to learn motion patterns, and
detect movement without generating false alaram. If an escalator is running
during closed hours, the system knows not to sound an alaram when the motion
detection is triggered. ALT can also distinguish extra movement in the
pre-defined motion patterns. If someone is riding the same escalator during
closed hours, CBMAS can detect this movement and sound an alaram.

The system can also learn to ignore specific types of reflections and surfaces
that many other systems would trigger alarms. Chrome, kinetic sculpture and
reflections from floors and windows are things the system can learn to ignore.


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Elvis Presley sequined costume
cause reflections in the light. The sequins bounce light various
direction, causing subtle movements that would otherwise be detected by
a motion detection system. Similarly to flash photography, CBMAS learns
that reflections from sequins and camera flashes differ from a visitor
touching the objects, and does not sound a false alarm.