It’s 6 PM on a Saturday evening and you activate your alarm system. Nothing happens. The panel has died leaving you with little choice but to call in a full contigent of gaurds on all shifts until a service technician can fix your system on Monday. Every gallery, every window, every door is unprotected so you need a full day shift contingent er guards just as though you are open to the
public. The overtime cost will devastate your budget for the year.

If you have the Acuity-vct CCTV system with the full video analytics features you have a back up system already. simply turn it on and don’t worry.

The user Interface for the Acuity-vct is so user friendly that your staff can leam it in an hour, Using familiar tools found on most computer systems simply draw motion boxes on the screen covering the entire scene. Activate the motion feature and when motion occurs In the gallery it will alert you. You are now protected against breaks and stay behinds. The most you may have to do is keep the lights on to provide adequate lighting for your cameras to see.

Your system just paid for itself.