About The School

Wadsworth City Schools emphasizes Academics, Athletics and the Arts. Their focus is to produce well-rounded students who are well-prepared for the challenges of today’s world. For the past seven years, their district has been designated Excellent by the Ohio Department of Education, and have attained an Excellence with Distinction recognition. This ranking is based on student achievement resulting from superior instruction, in which only 116 public districts in the state have been named.

The Problem

Safety of the children at the Wadsworth School District is a top priority. They’ve always taken pride in their ability to maximize budgets allocated for technology, consistently remaining on the cutting edge of educational and computer innovation.

“When looking for replacement technology for our aging analog video security system, we considered other highly visible products in the industry.”

– Gary Shorter, Director of Technology, Wadsworth City Schools

The Solution

The VCS product enabled Wadsworth City Schools to provide a superior security surveillance solution. This added layer of protection has benefited both students and faculty, while also being the most cost effective system available.

“Only Acuity’s VCS system offered a non-priority industry standard solution that took advantage of our existing network. By utilizing our existing network, we were able to cost effectively obtain a state of the art video surveillance system that is second to none.

In fact, utilizing the VCS’s networking capabilities, we were able to purchase one VCS system that is capable of being used throughout our entire school district, rather than other products that required one or more systems at each location to accomplish the same goal.

I recommend the VCS to any school district in America that is interested in maximizing its technology dollars, while not compromising quality.”