About The Museum

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s mission is to integrate art into the lives of people. In our guiding principles, we believe in the power of art to ignite imagination, stimulate though, and generate experiences that are personally rewarding.

The Problem

When the Santa Barbara Museum of Art recognized the need to update their existing video surveillance system several priorities emerged. It was important to acquire a state of the art, network/IP based system, from a company that could demonstrate a true commitment to the unique security concerns of the cultural property industry. Equally important was a vendor that could demonstrate an excellent service record and support after the sale. Seven vendors were evaluated including each of the leading names in the security business.

“Much to my surprise, each vendor except Acuity-vct was recommending older DVR based solutions with many technical and functional limits.

More surprisingly, when we compared the cost of ownership of each system including implementation and cabling expense, the Acuity-ct system was a far greater value especially when we considered the anticipated growth of our configuration.

– Joe Price, Information Systems Director, Santa Barbara Museum of Art

The Solution

A decision was made to purchase a Video Capture System server that could accommodate more than 100 cameras by simply adding additional disk storage to accommodate camera growth. Since initial implementation in 2007, the cameras have nearly doubled and more will be added each year.

“In addition to acquiring a technically advanced product at a superior price, everyone at the SBMA has been extremely impressed with the quality and commitment of the people at Acuity-vct. This type of passion and commitment is indeed rare in today’s computer marketplace.”