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VCS Overview

Live Image Viewing
The Full featured client can easily display many cameras at once. Each camera image can be zoomed to full screen instantly for an easy transition from a broad monitoring scope to a more focused view of the live action from a particular camera.
Authorized users can control a PTZ camera to monitor a specific activity, while continuing to capture images from all other cameras. The PTZ is controlled from the client PC without the expense of additional hardware.

Archived Image Viewing
Reviewing archived images is extremely easy. Simply choose the saved images by specifying the time period they were recorded, or by using a name tag. Name tags are created dynamically by interfacing with many types of software or hardware(i.e. P.O.S. scanners). Name tags and custom text can be superimposed over images. The user defines the specific camera views, view size, and view location.
The interface for controlling the playback of archived images resembles common DVD controls. Simple playback, or refined image navigation, can be performed effortlessly with the VCS Full Client interface.

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