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Perimeter Protection

Acuity-vct has also developed and successfully deployed the Camera Based Motion Alarming System (CBMAS).  This system leverages industry leading analytics technology to provide perimeter protection in indoor and outdoor environments.

Analytics Protecting Property 

Acuity-vct has worked closely with the Revere Local School District in Ohio to help protect their buses and bus garage from vandalism.

The picture above shows the East side of the Revere bus garage. The image to the left shows the view from the surveillance camera and the picture on the right shows the analytics protection zones. The yellow analytics zone is set to sound an audible alarm when someone approaches the garage or any of the parked busses after hours. Acuity-vct can also send alerts to pagers, cell phones and email when an analytics zone is breached.

Video Demonstration:


The Acuity-vct analytics software also protects the fuel pump at the Revere bus facility. If any vehicle approaches the fuel pump after hours the system alerts the perpetrator that they should leave the premises and captures the license plate.

Video Demonstration:


Adaptive Learning Technology

However all analytics are not created equally. The foundation of the Acuity-vct analytics products is our patent pending Adaptive Learning Technology (ALT). The Acuity-vct ALT utilizes advanced algorithms to identify repeating motion patterns to determine true motion from false motion events. The ALT is the reason we have been able to successfully deploy our analytics protection system without generating false alarms.


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