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Analytics Overview

Acuity-vct has developed the Camera Based Motion Detection and alarming tool that electronically watches the video from all configured cameras and instantly sounds an alarm when pre-defined locations are breached. This feature leverages the VCS's superior design and analytics to provide a higher level of asset protection than any competitive system.

The VCS "Camera Based Motion Alarming System" was developed specifically for museum applications to protect valuable artifacts while providing curators the flexibility to easily change protected areas as exhibits change and grow. By working in partnership with museum executives, Acuity has developed cost effective security solutions that provide superior surveillance and protection while enhancing the guest experience. This saves our clients money by better utilizing their guard force.

Acuity-vct has a patent pending on this technology and has also deployed this solution within other organizations where security needs to be provided in an open manner. Acuity-vct has deployed a perimeter protection application at a large school district in Ohio to protect the bus depot from vandalism.

Adaptive Learning Technology

However all analytics are not created equally. The foundation of the Acuity-vct analytics products is our patent pending Adaptive Learning Technology (ALT). The Acuity-vct ALT utilizes advanced algorithms to identify repeating motion patterns to determine true motion from false motion events. The ALT is the reason we have been able to successfully deploy our analytics protection system without generating false alarms.


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