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Art Protection

Acuity-vct has also developed and successfully deployed the Camera Based Motion Alarming System (CBMAS).  This system leverages industry leading analytics technology to protect irreplaceable artwork and artifacts currently on display at many museums nationally including the Princeton University Art Museum, The Butler Institute of American Art, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, The Disney Family Museum, The Commonwealth Museum and many others.  This unique system provides a flexible way to easily place protection zones via software within each exhibit under surveillance.  These protection zones can be in any shape or size required and the picture below shows the protection zones on artwork at the Butler Art Museum in Youngstown. 

The larger picture on the left shows what the museum guests see when viewing the artwork. The smaller picture overlayed to the right, shows in blue highlighting where the analytics protection zones are located. When a protection zone is breached, an audible and/or visual alarm is activated, and the museums central and floor level security staff is instantly notified via page, email, or any other requested means.

Video Demonstration:

Additional Views of Analytics protection at the Butler Museum.   A single camera placed properly can protect an entire wall.

The picture below is a single camera protecting an entire gallery at the Princeton University Art Museum.

Video Demonstration:

In addition to providing enhanced security our system has also helped our clients save budget dollars.  The superintendent of The Princeton University Art Museum recently informed us that he was able to save nearly $20,000 in payroll and benefit costs in just the first few months after installation.  The system dramatically enhanced Princeton’s existing security force eliminating extra contract guards for special events and when their existing security personnel called off.

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