Video Capture System

– Highly scalable network-based video surveillance system

– Replaces antiquated VCR and DVR systems

Object Protection Alarm System

– Used for protecting property and perimeters

– Instantly sounds an alarm when pre-defined locations are breached

– Provides the highest level of protection of any competitive system on the market

Collection Watch

Acuity-vct is the manufacturer of the leading museum object protection system and has recently designed the premier library rare books and special collection protection solution. The Collection Watch system consists of forensic quality cameras mounted discreetly in your reading or study rooms, combined with Acuity-vct monitoring software that integrates with Aeon and other registration systems. This solution prevents theft and mutilation of rare, valuable and important collection materials.


Desktop application offering an interactive and easy-to-use map displaying all of your cameras and locations


– Mobile application

– iPhone application allowing clients to view live cameras feeds anywhere