About The Museum

The Commonwealth Museum is the state museum of Massachusetts, showcasing the state’s history and it’s s people. The museum brings history alive through exhibits and educational programs. The state-of-the-art interactive exhibits bring the stories of our past to life and interpret artifacts and documents that illuminate the history of Massachusetts and our Founding Fathers.

Irreplaceable historical U.S. documents such as the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, John Adams’s Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, and other unique royal charters are on display in the iconic “treasures gallery”. This climate-controlled exhibit, along with other interactive exhibits and high-tech theater share personal stories and bring history alive.

The Problem

After a major renovation, the museum opened it’s new permanent exhibit featuring the rare and original historical documents that grant us our liberties today. Executive of the museum wanted all citizen to see and appreciate these true national treasures. The desire to share these priceless artifacts with the general public comes with a degree of risk. Finding a thorough and efficient security and surveillance system was a top priority to protect the museum and it’s exhibits.

The Commonwealth Museum turned to Acuity-vct’s award-winning and museum-tested Video Capture System and Camera Based Motion Alarming System to provide an enhanced level of security.

“Our goal was to find a security solution which would totally protect the priceless artifacts and provide an additional level of protection if anyone tried to remove the documents from the cases. The Acuity-vct solution has been a perfect fit.”
– Richard Sundstrum, Director

The museum utilizes Acuity-vct’s motion detection system (CBMAS) by creating invisible barriers around sensitive exhibits and historical artifacts.


The image shows the loitering protection highlighted in yellow. When a protection zone is breached for a predetermined number of seconds, an alarm is activated and the museums central and floor level security staff are instantly notified.

(For security purposes, actual protection zones are not shown – below are examples only)

Item Protected

– Declaration of Independence
– The Bill of Rights
– The 1629 Charter of Massachusetts Bay
– The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1780
– The 1692 Charter of the Province of Massachusetts Bay