Acuity-vct provides innovative, IP based Video Surveillance Systems and Analytics

Acuity-vct is an American technology company that has developed the Video Capture System (VCS). The VCS is a family of highly scalable networked based Video Surveillance systems that replace antiquated VCR and DVR type systems. The VCS is the most flexible video surveillance system available allowing our clients to use their existing surveillance cameras and existing network infrastructure. A single VCS can support up to 1000 configured cameras and we have also created advanced Analytics software deployed at Acuity-vct client locations nationwide.

Acuity-vct has VCS products for almost any size organization and Acuity’s VCS solutions can scale quickly and efficiently as your security surveillance needs change and grow. This saves our clients time and money.

Acuity-vct was named the Top Service Organization in America by Solutions Integrator Magazine and has an unblemished record of delivering systems on time and on budget. We have surveillance clients in nearly every industry, but what makes us different is the unique value we deliver to clients in our three main industries:

  1. Museum
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Educational Industries

In fact, we were recently featured on the “ Winners Circle ” show hosted by Terry Bradshaw highlighting our innovative surveillance applications in these 3 industries. The theme of the show was Acuity-vct systems help protect Americas past (museums), present (helping to increase efficiency within manufacturing companies keeping jobs in America ) and future (our children in school).

Acuity-vct has also deployed an advanced Analytics solution called the Camera Based Motion Alarming System (CBMAS). Analytics enhances the VCS and protects irreplaceable artifacts currently on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland and other fine arts museums nationwide. This unique system provides a flexible way to define protection zones within each exhibit under surveillance in any shape or size required. When these protective zones are breached, the CBMAS detects the changes in the images, and automatically sounds audio and visual alarms. Acuity-vct has a patent pending on this technology and will continue to enhance it’s capabilities to address the ever growing security market.

The Acuity-vct Video Capture System has many significant advantages when compared with other products. Unlike most surveillance systems, the Video Capture System has no physical camera limits. The system can capture and store up to 1000 frames per second. This means that for example 1000 cameras can be configured capturing one frame per second, 500 capturing 2 fPS, or 100 at 10 fPS. This flexibility gives our clients significant cost advantages.

In addition all the configured cameras can have unique settings for frame capture rate, resolution, storage days and can be Analog, Network or Mega-pixel type cameras. The VCS also is truly IP based and comes with 3 separate networks that optimize network traffic. Our clients can implement a single Acuity-vct system and place cameras within any network connected facility. This results in purchasing one VCS, instead of multiple systems and allows for remote access, lower installation and reduced wiring expense.

The Acuity-vct Video Capture System is guaranteed to meet your needs. We do everything possible to design a customized, yet cost effective solution to satisfy every client, every time.