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Acuity-vct Company History

Acuity-vct, Inc. is a company established to commercialize proven solutions using a combination of industry standard software tools and advanced hardware to expand the Visual Communication Technology. To meet a wide range of customer requirements, our open architecture allows for any independent system to control the Video Capture System.

Acuity-vct’s parent company, Benchmark Automation, was founded in 1991 as a software development firm with a focus in the metals industry. The primary application was process monitoring and equipment control. Through the introduction of our Video Capture System(VCS) which manages video acquisition, storage and review, Benchmark Automation has saved clients both time and money.

The founders of Benchmark Automation, Randolph Stankie and Michael Elliott, base their personal business philosophy on three simple principles- treat the customer as a partner, provide unparalleled service and support, and always meet your commitments. Always!

In 1999, those principles and their commitment to them, earned the company a national award from Solution Integrators Magazine which named Benchmark Automation the Top Service Organization in America.

This success has enabled Benchmark Automation to attract and retain a staff with over 250 years of software development, process automation and engineering experience. This expertise and experience will serve to fuel the growth of Acuity-vct, inc.

While Benchmark Automation continues its commitment to the industrial automation marketplace, Acuity-vct will reach out to expand the applications of the Video Capture System into the Homeland Security, Loss Prevention, Construction Site Monitoring, and various other markets.

As the landscape of the visual, digital and internet worlds evolve and converge, Acuity-vct will invest in and expand the horizon of Visual Communication Technology while delivering world class service to our customers and business partners.